On November 7, 2001, on the Scullyfic mailing list, list member Jerry (aka Opus)
took over administrative duties for the day while list mom Jill Selby was away.
Opus was pining for a Mulder fix and issued a challenge to the list:
Write a 155-word story about Mulder, and win a prize.

She got much, much more than she expected.

Below are the 27 stories posted that day (and in following days)
in response to the challenge. As a bonus, we also have
the story Jerry posted as a thanks to the list.

The stories cover a multitude of settings, points of view,
and even length (some shorter than 155 words, some longer),
but each is a clear, concise snapshot of some aspect
of the character we've followed for the past eight years —
proof that he may be gone, but he'll never be forgotten.

A word of caution: Some stories contain adult content and/or spoilers through
the end of Season Eight (and even some speculation about Season 9).
Check headers when offered, and read at your own risk.

Blue Moon by CazQ

The Boy by Snark

Breakdown by cofax

Breathe by Anjou

Classified by Revely

Comparing Value by Jean Robinson

Crimson Night by Emma Brightman

An Even Dozen by pteropod

The Feeling Was Mutual by Barbara D.

Goodbye by Jenna

Honesty by melymbrosia

I Know by Bonetree

Job Description by Jean Robinson

Lost Horizon by tua

Mashiah by Mish

Miracle and Wonder by Michelle Kiefer

Nom de Guerre by Maria Nicole

On and On by Noelle Leithe

Oops by mountainphile

Sasquatch Dreams by Marasmus

Saturation by cucumberspy

Summer on the Vineyard by Elanor G

Sunday Afternoon, Maggie's House by JourneytoX

Unknown by Dawn

Unreleased by JET

The Weight of Secrets by Shelba

Who is That? by Circe Invidiosa


And last but never least, Jerry's thank-you fic:

First Scenes, Ninth Season by Jerry


Thanks to the authors listed above for giving archival permission.
And in case you're curious, the prize went to Anjou —
but, as Jerry said, it's obvious we were all winners.

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