As part of an ever-expanding tradition, once again the
denizens of Scullyfic were challenged to write 155-word stories.
This time the subject was love, involving Scully and
any other character, in any of its many forms.
The challenge was issued in honor of
Valentine's Day, February 14, 2002.

Below are the stories posted that day (and in following days)
in response to the challenge.
The stories cover a multitude of
points of view, and even length (some shorter than
155 words, some longer), but each is a clear, concise snapshot
of some aspect of love and Scully.

A word of caution: Some stories contain adult content and/or spoilers into
Season Nine. Check headers when offered, and read at your own risk.

All Rivers Towards the Sea by Vehemently

Animal Instinct by Lilydale

Berkeley by Sophia Jirafe

Bygones by Lorri

Cemetery of Kisses by Bonetree

Ciao il Gattino by Snark

Exhumation by JET

Fight the Farewell by Sue

Groovy Kind of Love by Noelle Leithe

Little Things by nadra gen

Morning Sun by JET

Proportion by Noelle Leithe

Pure Sex by Revely

The Question by Elanor G

Scully's Valentine by Western Rose

Socks on the Fourteenth by ktblle

Year of the Dragon by Rain


Thanks to the authors listed above for giving archival permission.

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